EVC's Inspection of Installed Hydro-Kinetic Turbine
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In continuation of its effort to provide engineering infrastructure for power, NASENI conducted a survey to install a smart hydro power turbine at a location in Nasarawa state. A report of the survey conducted concluded that following inspection, Smart hydro power concludes that the site is suitable for housing a Smart hydro power turbine because it has flow velocities above the minimum velocity of 1.0m/s needed for the installation of a Smart hydro Turbine. The beneficiary is Guda hamlet which is without power supply; it has seven households with a population of about 140. The estimated energy demand yearly is 6,177kWh.

Following the installation of the hydro kinetic turbine, the EVC went for a working visit. The EVC's entourage which include the Director Engineering Infrastructure (DEI), Deputy Director Technology Business Development, Special Assistants to EVC, some members of the protocol Department and the SHP team.

The team left Abuja early morning to the site and was received by the contractor who led the team to the river and shown them the position of installed Hydrokinetic Turbine, the anchor cable, the underwater amour cable and the anchor plates. Thereafter, the team inspected the transmission line to the control room. The constructed control room which houses the 8 deep cycle 200Amps batteries, phase failure, system programmer, main circuit breaker, Hydrokinetic Turbine controller, and 5Kva inverter were also inspected. The EVC directed the contractor to provide additional ventilation in the room for the electrical equipment. Then the team proceeded to seven (7) household and a church in the village that were all connected with the electricity generated from Hydrokinetic Turbine. The EVC inspected one room that has standing fan energy saving bulbs and a radio set, directed the contractor to extend the connection to their kitchen as requested by Deputy Director (TBD) and assurance was given to them for constant power supply.

The village head thanked the EVC for this laudable project and convey the appreciation of the villagers for the job well done, also pray for the almighty in his wisdom to grant the EVC long live and prosperity.

In his response, the EVC NASENI urged the villagers to utilize the electricity given to them judiciously and to provide security for electro mechanical equipment in order to avoid theft and vandalization. He also told the villagers to contact him or Director Engineering in case of any individual or organization who wishes to embark on research or study, and they must present an authorized letter signed by him or the Director, Engineering Infrastructure.