Pole Mounted Transformers
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The provision of adequate and sustainable power is vital for the growth and development of Nigeria; thus power is one of the seven point agenda and the vision 2020 of the present administration. To this end, NASENI through one of its institutes, Power Equipment and Electrical Machinery Development Institute (PEEMADI), Okene serves as a strategic intervention to meet the urgent foundations needed to transform to a truly developed technology society. To this end, PEEMADI is dedicated to the design, prototype development, construction, manufacture, testing and production of maintenance devices, Pole-Mounted Transformers amongst others, to support the electric Power Industry.

Other activities include the Design, Prototyping, Construction, Manufacturing and the mass production of Equipment such as Low Loss Power Distribution Transformer, Circuit Breaker, Relays and Voltage Regulator etc.

Currently, some of the activities include:

  1. Design and construction of a 15kVA, 3-phase, 220V, 50Hz Transformer for powering 12kilowatts CNC Lathe machine
  2. Welding Transformers: Design of 5kVA welding transformer. The welding transformer can be later upgraded to pole mounted Distribution Transformer since all Transformers operate on the same principle except the level of insulation, cooling and protection systems which varies with voltage and power they are meant to deliver.

The institute is committed to achieve the full development of the nation's power sector and to this end there is a short term plan of five years to meet the following objectives.

  1. Further workshop on transformers, CB, Capacitors, etc.
  2. Reverse engineering of pole mounted transformers.
  3. Capacity building on pole-mounted transformers
  4. Establishment of PEEMADI Research, Design and Development of a Virtual Network Laboratory (RDDVNL). This network of researchers via virtual centres - local and abroad - will be developed to provide Just-In-Time technology for design, development, manufacturing and maintenance.
  5. Establishment of a National Testing Centre for Design, testing and maintenance of selected Power apparatus and equipment.
  6. Identify sources of raw materials (both local and International) to support production of selected components.
  7. Make a directory of all industries in the power sector of Nigeria.